Saturday, October 10, 2015

Southern Festival of Books

This is my first blog so I'll keep it short. As I get more comfortable with it I will make them longer. 

I spent the past two days at the Southern Festival of Books here in Nashville. I didn't sell many books but I learned a lot. I attended several lectures where I met a lot of very interesting and helpful authors. Some of the lectures where really motivating to here how others started out similar to how I have and they all have the same never give up attitude I have. 

I had a lot of fun and when my book sales increase to the point where I can afford it, I plan on attending as many events like the one this weekend as I can. 

Now it's back to writing book number two and recording book number one for the audio book.


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  1. Good first blog, Rick. Thanks for including the photos and giving your readers a good view of some of the festival's happenings.