Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nashville Symphony at the Schermerhorn

Last week I won a couple of tickets through the local radio station I listen to all the time, Hippie Radio. The tickets were for a date night at the Schermerhorn to listen to the Nashville Symphony performing Bach. It was an interesting experience I have never had. The inside of the symphony hall is beautiful!

Kristy took a selfy of us and posted it on Facebook and one of my crazy friends decided to have some fun with it as you can see below.

Yes, I know I look like I'm asleep in the photo but in my defense I did work all day before going and I only listen to classical music when I need something calming or if I'm having difficulty sleeping so it was kinda hard for me to stay awake through.

When I saw the photo my buddy had posted I laughed out loud during the performance.  

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