Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Free Signed Book to the Winning Guess!!!!!

Free Signed Book to the Winning Guess!!!!!

Time to start some friendly little competition with a free book. My blog only has a few followers right now and the US and Russia are almost tied with number of visitors this week. Let's see which country can give me the most traffic before Thanksgiving and the person who guesses which country and with the closest number of followers will get a free signed copy of a bonus pack book. The bonus pack will contain three different stories, Time Traveler's Rock Flaming Eagle, White Buffalo, and Permit Required.

Keep in mind it could be a country other than the US or Russia. Go check out the blog, follow it and share it. Then post your guess below about which country will win and how many people will visit the blog. You will be guessing the total number of visitors from May 2010 to November 26th 2015.

The current numbers are listed here:
USA                      235
Russia                     25
UK                             8
Ireland                       4
Germany                   2
Spain                         1
France                       1
Indonesia                   1

I will not post the numbers again until Thanksgiving Day.

Have fun,

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